Counselling / Psychology

Over 25 years I've worked with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. I focus upon adult work now, either individuals, couples or small groups.

These days there is very little difference between counselling and psychotherapy, but it is generally thought that psychotherapy is more analytical, and goes deeper into a person's history and into their inner thoughts.

I'm trained to work in several different ways:

Short-term solution focused therapy, or cognitive behavioural therapy finds the quickest, most efficient way to help you change for the better.

Psychodynamic therapy looks at your past history, helping to discover past experiences that could still be causing difficulties. This therapy also aims to unravel some of your unconscious thoughts, feelings and actions, bringing them into your conscious awareness so that you can have control over them.

Humanistic and person-centered therapy allows you the client to explore your thoughts and life whilst the therapist offers unconditional regard and empathy. I tend to use all types of therapy during work with a client.

One hour sessions of counselling and psychotherapy cost £45, couples £50. To book please call Eileen on 07733 258 745.

Bear in Mind operates a 24 hour cancellation policy.