Personalised CD's

Eileen will harness your natural power of deep relaxation, and its ability to persuade your subconscious mind to help make the changes you'd like in your life.

Eileen has studied NLP, a method of using language to gain rapid results for your benefit. She also has Master's level qualifications in discourse analysis. This equips her with further knowledge of how language can be used for maximum results.

Find a comfortable, quiet place to rest for around half an hour, and listen to the sound of Eileen's voice. She will encourage you to become calm and peaceful. Then your body and mind will begin to accept the messages and suggestions that you will have previously instructed Eileen to say.

Non-personalised CD's can also be effective in combating unwanted thoughts, feelings and/or behaviours. You can choose from the range of subjects here:

Insomnia, Anxiety and panic. Depression, Fear of medical treatments, Weight loss, Sexual dysfunction, Smoking cessation, Envy and jealousy, Confidence building, General well being, Exam nerves, Fear of flying.

The cost of each personalised CD is £30. The non-personalised CD's are £15.

Please call 01273 231299 to order your CD.